Community Rules



Public Servers

No Cheating
PUB-1.1 If caught you will be permanently banned from all servers and blacklisted on several other gaming communities.
PUB-1.2 If you think you were banned unfairly please post an unban request on the forums.
PUB-1.3 All bans must have demos from the admin making the ban unless it is obvious such as speed hacking, aimbot, etc.
No spawn camping past 1:40 (t side)
PUB-2.1 If you camp spawn you will be warned first.
PUB-2.2 If you continue to camp spawn after being warned you will be slapped/slayed.
PUB-2.3 If you continue to camp spawn after being slapped/slayed you will be banned for 1 hour.
Respect all players
PUB-3.1 No name calling.
PUB-3.2 No purposely trying to block someone.
PUB-3.3 No annoying other players.
PUB-3.4 Excessive disrespect will result in a kick/ban.
No camping when bomb is planted (ct side)
PUB-4.1 When bomb is planted if you are CT side you must go for the bomb.
PUB-4.2 Failure to adhere to the objectives will result in a slap/slay.
No team flashing
PUB-5.1 Do not throw flashes if you know your teammates are within the vicinity of your flash being thrown.
PUB-5.2 Use your radar at all times.
PUB-5.3 Do not purposely flash someone because they flashed you.
PUB-5.4 Excessive team flashing will result in a slay/kick/ban.
No excessive mic spamming
PUB-6.1 There is zero tolerance for mic spamming.
PUB-6.2 If you spam your mic you will be warned first then kicked.
PUB-6.3 If you continue to spam your mic you will be banned for 1 day.
No excessive trash talking
PUB-7.1 Trash talking is part of the game, however, if you are asked to stop please stop.
PUB-7.2 If you are asked to stop by an admin and continue you will be kicked.
PUB-7.3 If you continue trash talking/trolling after being kicked you will be banned for 1 hour.
Respect all admins
PUB-8.1 Admins have the power to manage the servers.
PUB-8.2 Do not aggravate admins.
PUB-8.3 If admins are abusing their powers please file a complaint on the forums.
PUB-8.4 All admins must respect all players.
PUB-9.1 If you have a consistent ping of 200 + you will be kicked at the admin's discretion.
PUB-9.2 If you are lagging aggressively, making it difficult for others to see you or you skip across the screen you will be kicked.
PUB-9.3 If the server is FULL and you are lagging and/or have 200+ ping you will be kicked at admin's discretion.
PUB-9.4 All decisions to kick for high ping/lag will be on a case-by-case basis.
PUB-10.1 If you go AFK for more than 5 rounds you will be kicked.
PUB-10.2 You are allowed to spectate, however, if you are in spectate when server is full you will be kicked to make room for other players.
Using the name "Player"
PUB-11.1 There are many reasons why we don't want you to use this name.
PUB-11.2 If you are asked by an admin to change your name and you do not change it by the next round you will be kicked.
PUB-11.3 If you continue to ignore the request to change your name from "Player" you will be banned for 1 hour.
No racial or derogatory comments
PUB-12.1 We have many members and players from all nationalities and do not tolerate racism in our servers.
PUB-12.2 If you are caught using racial or derogatory slurs or comments towards another player you will be warned, and if you continue you will be kicked/banned in that order.
No Advertising
PUB-13.1 Do not advertise other websites or server IP addresses. If you are caught you will be kicked/banned at the discretion of the admin.

Pug Servers

No Cheating
PUG-1.1 Same as PUB rules. You will be banned and blacklisted.
No ghosting
PUG-2.1 Ghosting is not allowed. Ghosting, in many cases, makes you look like you are wall hacking.
PUG-2.2 Venting is allowed, however, only if you are on the same team.
PUG-2.3 If you are banned for ghosting you will not be unbanned unless approved by an upper admin.
Respect all players
PUG-3.1 Same as PUB rules.
No team flashing
PUG-4.1 Team flashes happen in PUG servers, however, if you are purposely team flashing you will be banned for 3 days. No exceptions.
Do the objectives
PUG-5.1 PUG play requires you to do the objectives. Failure to do the objectives results in a lost round and ruins the game for others. We understand some players are not as experienced as others and will deal with this on a case-by-case basis.
No excessive mic spamming
PUG-6.1 Same as PUB rules, however, calling positions, strats, etc are not considered mic spamming.
PUG-6.2 Excessive mic spamming in the PUG servers will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
Do not leave the PUG until finished
PUG-7.1 If you join a PUG server do not leave because you are losing.
PUG-7.2 If you leave the PUG server midway and get caught you will be banned for 1 hour.
PUG-7.3 If you continuously reconnect because of your score or for any other reason besides an actual connection issue you will be kicked and banned for 1 hour.
PUG-7.4 This rule will be used on a case-by-case basis with the admin present at the time.
No excessive horse playing
PUG-8.1 Do not join the PUG server and ruin the game-play for others.
PUG-8.2 If you are disrupting the PUG for others you will be kicked. If you continue to be disruptive you will be banned for 1 day.
Vote Banning
PUG-9.1 Vote banning is a tool used by players when no admin is present.
PUG-9.2 Vote banning is to be used ONLY when a player(s) is disrupting the PUG by going AFK or not following objectives.
PUG-9.3 Abusing voteban will result in 1 day ban from all servers.
PUG-9.4 All votebans last for 1 hour.
PUG-9.5 If you are votebanned please do not fill out an "unban request" form. This form is only used for admin bans.
Respect all admins
PUG-10.1 Same as PUB rules.
No Advertising
PUG-11.1 Do not advertise other websites or server IP addresses. If you are caught you will be kicked/banned at the discretion of the admin.



1.1 By registering on our site you agree to all rules posted.
1.2 We reserve the right to terminate and delete any account at our sole descretion for any reason without notice.
1.3 Any username that is determined to be offensive or racist in any manner will be deleted without notice.
1.4 Usernames can't contain spaces or special characters.
Avatars and Signatures
1.5 Avatars and signatures must not be sexual in nature.
1.6 Avatars and signatures must not be offensive or racist.
1.7 You are fully responsible for your account.
1.8 Do not give out your username or password to anyone.
1.9 If your account is hacked and banned as a result you must create a new account on the site.
2.0 Any malicious activity used with your account with or without your knowledge you will be liable for.


2.1 Spam is not tolerated on our forums.
2.2 Any links to products or companies that are unrelated to specific forum thread topics will be removed.
2.3 Any posts related to other gaming communities will be removed.
2.4 Spam will result in a warning and/or ban on your account.
Posts and Threads
2.5 If your post was removed by a moderator do not make a double post.
2.6 Do not post in threads that are more than 3 months old.
2.7 When making posts please stay on topic with the thread subject.
2.8 Make sure when you create a new thread that it is in the correct category. Example: don't post DOTA related threads in the CS 1.6 forum.
2.9 Do not start arguments in threads. Moderators reserve the right to lock threads that get out of control.
3.0 Do not create threads or posts with special characters in the thread title or post body.
3.1 Do not create threads or posts that bash other communities. If you have an issue with another community please post on their forums.
Hacking and Brute Force
3.2 Any hacking or brute force attempts will be logged and forwarded to your ISP.
3.3 Any phishing attempts on our community will be investigated and if you are caught your IP and steamid will be permanently banned from all servers and forums.
3.4 Any content or official logos related to our community may not be shared or used without the express written permission from the owners of the community.
3.5 Any copyright content posted by you is your responsibility. Any copyright claims that come forth as a result of you posting copyrighted information will be solely your responsibility for all damages and liabilities.
3.6 Any images, logos, or banners that are created for any contest held by our community becomes the property of our association and any copyright claim will be waived.


3.7 Please do not submit a support ticket for unban/ban requests or admin abuse. These issues must be filled out under "forms".
3.8 When submitting a ticket please fill out as much detail as possible so we can address your needs as required.
3.9 Please allow us at least 24 hours to respond to tickets.
Live Support
4.0 Live support is available during select times at the descretion of the support staff.
4.1 Live support may not be available every day.

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