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    Hello everyone,
    Well, to introduce myself, Kidboo. I am currently a junior at GMU and am majoring in business management. I am a huge sports fan and love basketball and football. I am from Northern Virginia and am a fan of the Washington Redskins as well as the Washington Wizards. I have played both sports in high school and continue to play for exercise and fun. I enjoy lifting and it is one of my passions as well. During my spare time when I am not busy studying and doing other work, I love to play video games. I play CS and LoL and love both of them. I have been playing CS for a long time and have always loved this classic game. I have stopped playing for a little while because of school, but now I am back to it again like I was ages ago. My name in the Disturbia servers is "zz" and I hope to play with you all soon! I also have redownloaded vent and I hope to see you all in there as well!

    Have a good Morning everyone!

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