Featured CS:GO Immortals players and CEO respond to headphone controversy at Northern Arena

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    Immortals players Henrique "Hen1" Teles and Wilton "Zews" Prado and CEO Noah Whinston have issued a public apology for Hen1's actions at Northern Arena.

    During the Grand Finals of Northern Arena, Hen1 did not wear the noise-cancelling headphones he was provided by the event staff for the first three rounds of the third map. Tournament administrators met to discuss whether the map needed to be replayed after Cloud9 players pointed this out, though some members of the CS:GO community have accused Hen1 of trying to listen in on the casters to hear C9's strategy.

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    “I want to apologize to my fans, the fans of Cloud9, and our Cloud9 opponents," Hen1 said in a statement posted to Facebook. "Even though this was an honest mistake, there is no excuse for rules not being followed. I hope that my team can move past my mistake and continue to prove ourselves to our fans.”

    Immortals team captain Zews also weighed in on the issue, saying that he should have handled the issue better. Cloud9 agreed to keep playing without a reset, and Zews apologized for arguing with the tournament admins.

    "As the leader of the Immortals CSGO lineup, there is no doubt that I could and should have handled this situation better," Zews said. "Even with the experience I have, it can be very difficult to maintain perspective in the heat of competition and I’m sorry for that. I wanted to stand up for my team and brothers and realize I didn't choose the best way of doing this. My teammates and I have nothing but respect for the players of Cloud9 and we regret not finding a better way to resolve this problem in the moment.”

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    Finally, Whinston's statement reads less as an apology and more of an indictment of the tournament admins. He said that, "Admins should not be consulting players on rules interpretation and enforcement, and the inconsistent application of the rules up until this point in the tournament was a contributing factor to what occurred."

    Whinston did apologize to Cloud9 for insults to them made by Immortals fans, saying that there is a "difference of opinion" regarding the issue, but the organization does not want to promote toxic behavior.

    "Despite the problems, we also want to thank the Northern Arena organizers for their efforts. They went above and beyond outside of the event providing high quality care and accommodations for our players and deserve credit for that," Whinston said. "We look forward to helping them resolve these issues for future tournaments."

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