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    If you only play maps in CS:GO's competitive rotation, you're missing out on a world of cool, colourful and creative custom maps you can bet will never be seen in a Grand Final.

    With the Kraków Major at full swing, theScore esports decided to count down the 10 best custom maps from CS:GO, 1.6 and Source that you casuals should try out.

    Dust2 Winter [Night Version]

    A delightful, Christmas-y take on one of Counter Strike's most enduring maps, this version of Dust2 takes place on a not-so Silent Night that sees CTs trying to stop terrorists from Grinching the holidays.

    Now there's a War on Christmas I can get behind.


    Any fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series around? While de_pripyat lacks the mutants and survival elements from that particular series, it does feature the irradiated ruins of the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

    A demolition map, de_pripyat requires CTs to stop the terrorists from planting bombs before everyone succumbs to some serious radiation poisoning. Okay, that last part doesn't actually happen, but it would be pretty sweet if it did.


    A 1.6 classic, fy_scoutzknives was a fight yard map set to low gravity where players could only use knives or the single shot Scout sniper rifle.

    Because of the map's odd physics and loose movements, the mode rewarded economy of movement, precision and accuracy as you tried to make every shot count against enemies that were effectively flying through the air.

    Or you could just jump around and try to knife people like an idiot.


    Ah, the Greek islands. Sand, surf and roving gun battles between government and insurgent forces.

    One thing we especially appreciate about this custom map is that its author, legendary map maker FMPONE, actually came up with a backstory for why a Grecian resort town was the site for such conflict.

    "Terrorists are bent on destroying the fragile Greek economy by attacking one of its major tourist destinations," the map's Steam Workshop description says. Opa!


    CS goes Indiana Jones in this defuse map that takes place in Mayan ruins. Ruins features a really cool Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now vibe, heightened by great lighting effects and the use of plenty of dark nooks and crannies people can gank you from.

    And of course, one of the bomb sites is inside an actual temple.


    Brr... is it getting chilly in here? Maybe it's just fy_iceworld, CS 1.6's resident winter wonderland. Taking place in a maze made of ice, nothing was more intense than rounding a corner and popping the guy in front of you before he popped you.


    Aside from the notable lack of animals, Zoo has everything you could want from a bomb defusal map set in a upscale Californian zoo, right down an aquarium to a monkey enclosure with tire swings.

    Don't worry though, no Harambes were harmed in the making of this custom map.


    What better setting for intense urban warfare than a community centre pool? It certainly was in fy_pool_day, another well-loved fight yard map from the 1.6 era.

    Featuring every gun in the game laid out for your playing pleasure, it was just really fun, casual map to jump into and shoot people in.


    Know what's better than intense knives and sniper rifles battle royale? An intense knives and sniper rifles battle royale set in a map made of LEGO pieces.

    The great thing about the red bricks is that no one can see your blood.


    Similar to Zoo, cs_museum falls in the category of Global Offensive custom maps that take place in locations you would expect to go to on an elementary school field trip.

    Taking place in a swanky New York museum and the surrounding neighborhood, this map is an amazing example of what dedicated Counter Strike map makers can do with enough time and caffeine.

    Seriously, I'd rather take a walk around this museum than an actual one if there weren't terrorists shooting at me.

    Sasha Erfanian is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.

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