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    theScore esports Daily is a once-a-day briefing covering the top news stories from around the world of esports.

    Major changes pushed out in latest CS:GO patch

    Significant changes have come to CS:GO with the release of Valve's latest patch, with major changes to the round loss bonus system, adjustments to various guns, and map fixes among the announcements.

    Round loss bonuses have been adjusted, the AUG is again $3300, the M4A1-S now holds 25 bullets in the magazine and has 75 in reserve, some shotgun prices have been reduced, flashbang assist UI and loadout shuffle have been added, Canals has received a number of changes, and more.

    — CS:GO (@csgo_dev) March 13, 2019

    The biggest change affects how round loss bonuses work within the in-game economy. In a blog post, Valve announced round loss bonuses "are now based on the count of a team’s round losses. The count increases by one after every loss, and decreases by one after every win."

    They summarize the change by stating "Previously, a win would reset the round loss bonus. Now, a win reduces the loss counter by one."

    Other notable changes include the AUG returning to its original price of $3,300 and the M4A1-S magazine increasing to 25 bullets, with rounds 75 in reserve.

    Additionally, some shotguns are now cheaper, and flashbang assists and loadout shuffles have been added to the UI.

    Responses from the competitive community range from chill to downright tilted.

    Some are happy with the updates:

    M4A1-S ❤️

    — ScreaM (@ScreaM_) March 13, 2019

    Others are intrigued about how the patch will affect the meta:

    Interesting update, especially now when you dont get screwed with money, if you are behind 5-0 and win 1 round.

    — FaZe karrigan (@karriganCSGO) March 13, 2019

    And some still aren't happy about changes to the AUG:

    AUG still needs a nerf or even higher price.

    — NiKo (@fazeniko) March 14, 2019
    Confirmed: karrigan, woxic and frozen move to mousesports

    After weeks of speculation, mousesports have confirmed the signing of Özgür "woxic" Eker, Finn "karrigan" Andersen and David "frozen" Čerňanský.

    Announcing the new CS:GO roster for mousesports:
    - @chrisJcsgo
    - @FROZENNcs
    - @karriganCSGO
    - @ropzicle
    - @w0xic

    Full Story: https://t.co/00Mc8VpOYR pic.twitter.com/OtaLJFeNbS

    — mousesports (@mousesports) March 14, 2019

    Ex-FaZe Clan veteran, karrigan, will lead the team, as they look to improve on a poor outing at the European Minor from the beginning of the year.

    karrigan played for the German organization twice between 2010 and 2014, first during 1.6 and then CS:GO.

    This announcement also confirms the exit of Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný and Miikka "suNny" Kemppi.

    Bandai Namco announces big changes to Tekken 7 World Tour 2019

    The 2019 Tekken World Tour is receiving some major changes in time for its April 20 start date.

    New tournament categories (MASTER+ and DOJO), new & returning tour locations, and over $185K in prize money! Are you ready for the next #TEKKEN World Tour?

    Fight your way to the #TWT 2019 World Finals in Bangkok, Thailand! More info at https://t.co/enl1XhlVMB pic.twitter.com/AkN0vkSYsi

    — TEKKEN (@TEKKEN) March 12, 2019

    An overall prize pool of $185,000 has been set with $30,000 awarded to the tournament series winner. This is a step up from the $7,500 given to Rangchu, who won the Tekken World Tour in 2018.

    The competition will see the creation of two new event classifications in Master+ and Dojo.

    The Master+ designation will include events like EVO, while Dojo will allow regional local events to apply for World Tour inclusion, with those competitors given the chance to accrue ranking points.

    The 2019 World Tour Finals will take place in Bangkok, Thailand.

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